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About Us

Supertree® and Sensitivity® have supported professional decision analysts for more than 30 years. 

During these decades the programs have continuously evolved and today bear little resemblance to the early APL models written by SRI International consultants and analysts in the 1970s on mainframes—except in their basic functionality. 

Supertree and Sensitivity moved from SRI in the early 1980s to SDG along with many members of the original decision analysis organization. For a brief period, SDG became part of a large consulting organization known as Navigant Consulting but spun off from that organization in the latter part of 2000 to concentrate on its historic strength, strategic management consulting. 

At the same time, SDG's software and systems activities—including Supertree and Sensitivity—were spun off to a separate company, SmartOrg, Inc., founded by decision analysis leaders. 

Supertree's long-term developer and co-author of Decision Analysis for The Professional, Peter McNamee is Director of Systems Architecture for the company. SmartOrg delivers decision systems and solutions that help management create extraordinary value by implementing practices, processes and tools developed and proven at SDG. 

For additional information about SmartOrg visit www.smartorg.com . SmartOrg will continue to support Supertree and Sensitivity reflecting their importance as the programs of choice for many decision analysis professionals.

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