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Update Supertree and Sensitivity to Version 10.41

Download the installation program to upgrade your software to the latest version. The program will replace the existing installation without destroying any data files.

Install the Student Version 10.41 of Supertree and Sensitivity

Download the installation program to install the student version of Supertree and Sensitivity. The student version has all the features of the professional version, but is limited in the size of the analysis allowed. The student version of Sensitivity performs sensitivity for up to 12 variables. The student version of Supertree accommodates trees with up to 250 endpoints.


  1. Download the installation program by clicking here (5.7 Meg).
  2. Double-click on the installation program and follow the instructions. The installation program for version 10.xx is named sup10-xx.exe. When installing the program, it is best to follow the installer's suggestion and install Sensitivity and Supertree on the c: drive and in a folder called c:\super95.
  3. Delete the installation program from your hard disk. 

The same installation program will update any existing installation (professional or student version). If it does not find any existing installation, it will install a new student version.

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