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The Supertree decision analysis software package includes Supertree and Sensitivity programs, Userís Guide, Decision Analysis for the Professional textbook, and data files containing cases that illustrate the use of each program.

Single copies: $995.00. (Products delivered in California are subject to applicable state sales tax). For purchases of more than five copies, a site license can be arranged at substantial savings.

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Contact us by mail, telephone, or facsimile. Visa, MasterCard, or company checks are accepted. To order, please contact Melinda Berlant Gurman by telephone at (650) 470-0120 or by email at mgurman@smartorg.com

For further information, you can also contact us by email at pmcnamee@smartorg.com or at

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Dialogue Decision Process Course

To obtain the most value from your software purchase, we strongly recommend attendance at a decision analysis course. SDG, our strategic partner, presents a Dialogue Decision Process course three times a year. This course, taught by professional decision analysts and consultants, shows participants how to measure and improve the quality of a decision, how to set up an efficient and effective decision-making process, and how to interpret the analysis of decision alternatives. The optional fourth day offers a practical hands-on learning experience using Supertree/Sensitivity and Risk Detective software to structure, analyze, and present the results of decision analysis.

The course fee is $3,000, plus $2,000 for the fourth day. This fee includes three full days of instruction, Decision Analysis for the Professional companion text, and continental breakfast and lunch daily. Participants in the fourth day will receive our Supertree and Sensitivity software package with userís guide.

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