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The following files are excerpts from the User's Guide for Supertree and Sensitivity. Click on the file name to view it in the browser. To view these files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you would like to obtain a free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here.

Some of these files are large and may take a long time to download and view.  Once the file is downloaded, you can save the file to your hard disk by clicking the image of a disk on the Acrobat toolbar. To download the file without viewing, right-click on the name and choose Save Target As...


Sensitivity Example  (856 k)

Sensitivity Advanced Topics  (891 k)

Supertree Example  (1,132 k)

Supertree Advanced Topics  (2,009 k)

These tutorials use a case describing a new product introduction case for Sensitivity and a bidding situation for Supertree. To assist you in following the tutorials, the Sensitivity/Supertree installer has put a copy of the Excel workbooks newprod.xls and bidding.xls and the Sensitivity file newprod.asn in the installation folder, c:\super95.

Using Supertree and Sensitivity With the Fourth Edition of Decision Analysis For the Professional

Using Supertree with Decision Analysis for the Professional (696 k)

Excel workbook for Chapter 6 (45 k)

Sensitivity Files for Chapter 6: Static New, RF Plus, Milk

Supertree Files for Chapter 6: Figure A-34, Figure A-35, Figure A-36, Figure A-37 (figures in the Using Supertree With Decision Analysis for the Professional file above)

Errata in Decision Analysis for the Professional, Third Edition (22 k)

Other Topics

Supertree and Sensitivity Command Structure (9 k)

New Features in Supertree and Sensitivity  (22 k)

Tips and Troubleshooting  (135 k)

Excel Security and Supertree (16 k)

Problems with non-English language versions of Excel and Windows (21 k Microsoft Word document)

Excel macros to graph tornadoes or cumulative probability distributions (formerly distributed with Supertree)

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