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Supertree and Sensitivity are upgraded constantly. Usually the upgrades add a feature or correct a minor problem with some hardware, software, or operating system.

This page records the changes for versions after 10.33

Version 10.34

Corrects a problem displaying negative numbers when Supertree and Sensitivity run under the Chinese language version of Windows. Choose Set Options from the Supertree and Sensitivity File menus to select the "short" negative sign to avoid problems with the two-byte Chinese character set.
Corrects a problem in which Supertree and Sensitivity would not print to certain printers under the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.
Allows 10 or more distributions to be plotted as 10/50/90 bars without overlapping.

Version 10.35

If there are multiple value measures, Supertree and Sensitivity now offer an option to use the Excel range name of the value displayed as the value axis label in plots.
Corrects a problem with running macros during a Supertree or Sensitivity evaluation. Sometimes Excel could not find the macro.
Creates more user friendly error messages for certain “input data missing” situations.

Version 10.36

An error was caused by a new feature in 10.35: The RecallDistribution option of the File menu would not work for certain plots.

Version 10.37

Makes the value axis label in RecallDistribution option of the File menu independent of the choice in other plots (see new feature in version 10.35).
Detects repeated node numbers in dependency list for Supertree endpoint nodes.

Version 10.38

Version 10.38 is a maintenance upgrade and provides the same functionality as version 10.37. 
There have been reports of difficulty in using the installer for version 10.38 on non-English systems, and for this reason version 10.37 is also available for download.

Version 10.39

Version 10.39 corrects a problem in one of the Supertree dialog boxes for Analyze/Display Tree when using the Enter key rather than the Tab key to move between entry fields.
A new installer is used for Supertree and Sensitivity. When installing a new version of Supertree, you may be required to use the Control Panel to remove a previous version; this action will remove only the files created by the original installation, not any data files you have created.
The new installer should avoid problems sometimes encountered in installations on non-English systems. .

Version 10.40

Version 10.40 corrects a problem that occurs in the following situation: Display Tree and Sensitivity to Probability sometimes showed incorrect results when the following three conditions were true: Different outcome measures were used for the decision criterion and for the display value, and the tree was reordered, and the reordered nodes contain an asymmetric (not all successor nodes the same) decision node.

A new feature has been added to the Options choice in the File menu. This feature allows the expert user to skip warning messages that a "variable may not be available" to the endpoint during the evaluation. These error messages often occur during the evaluation of asymmetric trees when a common Excel endpoint is called from different places in the tree.

Version 10.41

Version 10.41 corrects a problem with the installer program for Version 10.40.  The installer no longer requires you to uninstall the previous version.

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